Power Quality Score™

Electronic device rating that makes sense

  • Devices tested: 480
  • Average PQS: 102
  • PQS distribution:
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What is PQS?

PQS is a 0 to 200 rating of efficiency, Power Factor and Total Harmonic Distortion – like MPG for power electronics. A high PQS means that the product is using all of its energy effectively. A low PQS means the product is wasting energy.

By using PQS to select effective and efficient electronic devices throughout a residence or commercial facility, we estimate a 10% reduction in energy demand, thereby reducing carbon footprint while saving money.

PQS is for...


Understanding the power quality of the devices
plugged or wired into your buildings

Government Agencies

Creating measurable product guidelines
and KPI’s for policy


Benchmarking the performance
of your products


Understanding power consumption
at the device level across grids